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Hope you enjoy these videos, blog posts & reviews of our pasta classes!

Here is a link to Telus TV’s story on Pasta Making with Peter.

Watch Pastaio (Pasta Maker) Peter’s cooking demo on CTV where he teaches you in 4 min how to make a puttanesca sauce to go with our Pasta! Peter’s Quick Puttanesca

From Darina Kopock of the amazing Gratinee Food Blog

From Joseph M. on his blog

Hello Peter, I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed your pasta making class. I found the class to be informative and entertaining. You had a captive audience! The hands-on approach in the  preparation (making the dough and cutting the pasta) was very helpful for beginners like me. Your demonstrations and guidance with our own attempts to make the pasta was appreciated. I look forward to more Italian cooking classes! Thank you. Barb B

Learning how to make fresh pasta from an authentic Italian pastaio was a fun and fantastic experience all around. The steps were broken down for simplicity yet with great attention to detail. With hands on approach and a humorous, interactive and step-by-step I now feel confident about making pasta at home all on my own. Off to find my pasta machine now! Ayala M

I really enjoyed the class, which was in a nice setting with a small group of people.  It was my first experience making pasta, but Peter was a great teacher and explained everything well.  He is a lot of fun and clearly is passionate about what he does. I look forward to making a lot more pasta on my own now!  Lisa M