The Family’s Pasta & Italian Cooking Classes

Ciao Tutti! I am so excited to be partnering with the Kitsilano Community Centre to offer 3 pasta making classes in April. Just click the link above to register. To be kept up to date on all my classes & demos please send me an email to be added to the list. I do want to say congratulations to Chef & my fellow team members at Savio Volpe for being featured in Vogue Magazine. I’m excited that the opportunity to cook for Chef Mark Perrier, who has two Michelin Star experience, is truly paying off for all of us. I am on Periscope vlogging my entire journey from #Actor2Chef live after each shift @pastaboypeter  To be kept up to date on more announcements, & my Vlog, follow me on Twitter, Instagram & FB. FYI I also do private parties, classes & wholesale orders. I leave you all with this bit of my family’s wisdom: Eat with those you Love! Pasta Boy Peter Ciuffa 604-813-7372 pastafamiglia@gmail.com 

My pasta & gnocchi classes are hands on instructional experiences. All the equipment & ingredients are provided, a sauce made, a snack eaten, & you go home with fresh pasta/gnocchi for 2! Each class lasts about 2.5 hrs & the cost is $75. To receive emails only about classes, demos or, special events (approximately 1 per month) click here Email Sign Up

As the worlds only professional pasta making actor, & now professional cook, I am always excited to teach my families traditions of pasta & gnocchi making in my Italian Cooking Classes. Plus, I love sharing the stories about my time in NYC, Rome, & Vancouver working, acting & Eating! Here is a link to my latest CTV appearance where I made a wonderful Gnocchi in a Peccorino cheese cream sauce If you’re still not tired of me here is a link to a quick video recipe for my spaghetti carbonara. I hope you have a few laughs. #FunnyFoodFast Carbonara

To see what I’m like as a teacher, here is a link to Telus TV’s story Pasta Making with Peter.   In the past I’ve been fortunate enough to do classes & demonstrations for the Shadbolt Centre, The Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver Farmers Market, South Vancouver Neighborhood House, & Cedar Cottage Food Network.

Learn how I made our dry pasta, & the story behind how it was created from Telus TV. Meet The Only Artisan Pasta Maker in Canada

Watch me, Pastaio (Pasta Maker) Peter’s, doing a cooking demo on CTV. I teach you, in 4 minutes, how to make a puttanesca sauce to go with your Pasta! Peter’s Quick Puttanesca

The Famiglia’s Artisan Pasta was extruded using a bronze cutting die, in small batches, using just Canadian durum semolina and water. Using bronze leaves the pasta rough so the sauce will stick to it. I then air dried the pasta for up to 48hrs. Our noodle was hung longer, to dry, which gave it more flavour & a better texture. This is the traditional way dry pasta was made in Italy, & all this extra work produced a better product! Canadian durum is the best in the world and used by the top producers in Italy, so why shouldn’t we have made the worlds best pasta in Vancouver, BC!

My family has been involved in the food and hospitality business for over 100 years. The main lesson passed down to me from all that tradition is to take the best ingredients, and produce a dish with love & passion.

Not only did I sell at Vancouver Farmer’s Markets, www.eatlocal.org, we also did wholesale orders.  Please support these great artisan food shops which carried our pasta:

Harvest in Strathcona

Le Marche St. George off Main St

Farm City Co-op Fresh Cart at Various Locations

Pazza Chow in Chinatown

The Modern Pantry in West Vancouver

PS To all of you who have been so supportive of Peter’s acting & pasta careers he wants to say thanks. It means a lot! If you’re not bored yet, here is Peter’s IMDB page if you wish to follow his career Peter@IMDB Again thanks for all the support!