The Family’s Pasta & Italian Cooking Classes

Ciao Tutti! Thanks to my amazing pasta class guests this past weekend at Kitsilano community Center. Always an honour to pass on my knowledge and passion to others. You can register directly for my October 2nd Gnocchi class here  or my October 23rd Pasta class here . November Gnocchi is SOLD OUT & October Pasta is at 50% so book now & I hope to see you there. Don’t worry though I’m still running the Saulmi Counter, the best show in Vancouver, at the amazing Savio Volpe. I do want to say congratulations to Chef & my fellow team members at Savio for being featured in Vogue Magazine, being nominated for En Route’s Best New Restaurant in Canada, & all the amazing reviews. I’m excited that the opportunity to cook for Chef Mark Perrier, who has two Michelin Star experience, is truly paying off for all of us. To be kept up to date on all my classes, demos or to book a private pasta party please send me an email & you’ll be added to the list.  I leave you all with this bit of my family’s wisdom: #EatwiththoseyouLove PastaBoy Peter Ciuffa  604-813-7372 

Public pasta making classes, as well as interactive private classes for you & your friends in your own kitchen. You may not have an Italian Mamma, but now you can learn to make pasta like one!

Professional cook at Osteria Savio Volpe, Artisan Pasta Maker & sometime Actor, Peter Ciuffa brings his pasta making class & stories to your home. He provides all the ingredients, equipment & knowledge so that you can learn to make his Families Pasta recipe for those you love. Afterwards you will all get to share the pasta & sauce you learned how to make!

Great for birthday parties, stagette’s, work team building events or just to get the kids involved in the kitchen!

To be kept up to date on public classes & demos or for pricing and availability on private classes, please email Peter, aka The Pasta Boy Email Sign Up